Home Sweet Home

12 days ago we drove away from our home- said a prayer and worried that we would have nothing left when we returned. It’s a scary feeling, the unknown. The car was loaded down with the items we can’t replace- wedding album, baby photos, and important documents; everything else was left behind to weather the storm. I forgot to grab my favorite jacket- the most comfy, soft jacket- I worried all week about that silly thing. Devastated that it would be ruined when we finally returned home. The jacket was like a security blanket, one that I wanted and couldn’t have therefore I channeled all my worries and anxiety into that one item. But you know what- I survived, we all survived. And so did the jacket. We came home after a 10 day Hurri-Cation and there it was- safe and warm, waiting for me.

We were lucky. Our house is ok. Our things are ok. We had a fridge/freezer full of rotten food but food can be replaced….and it was the perfect reason to scrub and clean before filling it up again.

Our beautiful hibiscus tree is dead. Very strange how one plant/tree didn’t survive. But flowers can be replaced- a new tree can be planted. 

And that’s it. That’s the extent of our damage. Thoughts and prayers go to all that weren’t so fortunate. It’s been a crazy few weeks in Florida and Hurricane season isn’t over. #FloridaStrong. 

While we hope and pray that the next storm doesn’t head our way, we clean up and move on looking to find our normal once again. Back to school. Back to baseball. Cooking. Cleaning. Homework. 

With a side of Gator football.

We’ll be ok. And I’ll be snuggled up in my favorite jacket – the one that I’ll be sure to pack up the next time a storm blows our way. 



One thought on “Home Sweet Home

  1. So very thankful you are all safe, and your home. Sometimes we need to get out of our normal life to appreciate it more. I pray daily for protection and courage of those who stand strong protecting our freedom to read God’s word and worship Him. …Because, it is His word that is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path on this earthly journey. All this you already know of course. HUGS!! Love you! …and your sweet family.

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