I’ve memorized the times of the updates….I’m glued to the Weather Channel and websites all predicting the path and impacts of this storm. I’m safe. I’m terrified. I’m stressed. I’m worried. I’m praying. 

We left our  home- we packed up what we could and drove away; mandatory evacuation. Now we watch and wait. Will our home be ok? Will our “stuff” survive the storm? Will there be flooding? Wind damage? So much uncertainty.

But we are together as a family; pets included. Things can be replaced. People can not. We are with family- we’ve prepped all we can; we’ve prepared a safe room. We continue to wait. We continue to pray. 

Irma is massive. Irma is dangerous. Effects are imminent. Continue to pray for Florida. Be kind to people. Help your neighbors. Show compassion. 



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