Being an adult is tough. 

Some days you’re ready to crawl in a hole and hide. You feel broken, on the verge of tears. It seems like you hit a brick wall at every turn. You dread homework time; you forget family game night; your kids fall asleep before you tuck them in. Your heart aches for loss of a dear family member, for critical illnesses that plague friends, and for strangers that have to say goodbye to their loved ones too soon. 

But then the good shines through. Your daughter comes to your classroom, beaming with pride to show off her 100% on a math quiz; your son gives you a few uninterrupted minutes of snuggle time complete with hugs; your husband surprises you with pumpkin coffee; your dedication and effort at work earns praise; the house is clean; the whole family loves the dinner that you cook. The stars align and all is right in the world. 

Hard days will come. But good days come too. Tonight I’m hugging my loved ones a little tighter. I’m filing these happy moments away for a rainy day. 


Adult-ing is rough….but sometimes it’s awesome too. 

Find your balance. Embrace the chaos. 

🙂 Rebecca 


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