Sunday Blah

Summer break has ended for me and the Sunday blah’s are back in season. Do you experience the Sunday blah’s – the dread of impending Monday, the end of the weekend and the return to reality? I love my job, I love my schedule, I love having summers “off” and working the same schedule as my children….BUT it’s still hard to make the return, to say goodbye to late nights, sleeping in, and lazy days. My mood drastically changes on Sunday..I am grumpy and short tempered; it’s not good. My new goal is to stop the Sunday Blah – to embrace each day with a happy heart and a smile. Life is too short to waste a perfectly good Sunday worrying about getting up early on Monday.

So I am making a plan, a plan to help me meet my goal.

Step 1: Think of happy memories…Summer 2017 was a great one…the Mr. returned home, we staycationed at Disney with some of our favorite people, we spent time with family, we even made a surprise visit to Connecticut for a birthday party, winery, cupcakes, and pizza. These memories will get me through the Monday’s that lay before me. As a wise friend said, the beginning of the new school year means we’re getting closer to summer 2018 🙂

Step 2: Pray. To quote one of my favorite songs- In the middle of my little mess, I forget how big I’m blessed (This is the Stuff, by Francesca Battistelli).

Step 3: Hug the Mr. Hugs from him always make me feel better, when wrapped in his arms I can feel the anxiety melt away. And if I’m lucky, he may even sneak in a forehead kiss!

Step 4: Forget the chores and to-do lists and have fun with my family. Tickle the kids, watch a movie, snuggle on the couch, go for a walk, play outside, go to the beach. Being together is my happy place.

And if all else fails…I’ll pour a glass of wine to go with my whine 🙂




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