That Yellow Tablecloth….

My grandparents house has always been “home” to me. Growing up an Air Force brat and moving around, Mimi and PawPaws house was always a constant. So many memories in the house- summers and holidays with Mimi and PawPaw, Sunday dinners around the table, sleepovers and ice cream sundaes with PawPaw. There are many items in the house that hold special meaning to me – but one of my favorites is the yellow tablecloth. Family dinners have always been important in my family, we’d gather around the table complete with a tablecloth, place settings, and fresh cut flowers. Mimi always set the table beautifully; she has many tablecloths to choose from and usually used the fancier ones for Sunday dinners. The yellow tablecloth was reserved for casual dinners, messy dinners like ribs and baked potatoes. As I grew older, Mimi would bring out the yellow tablecloth just for me, knowing how much I love it. Since PawPaw passed away 3 years ago, there haven’t been as many family dinners around Mimi’s table, the array of tablecloths sit neatly folded in the hall closet. But this past weekend we were home visiting Mimi and my parents; I planned to cook Sunday dinner at Mimi’s house. I was to do all the cooking and Mimi was to prepare the table. My heart filled with joy and my eyes teared up when I walked in the front door and saw the yellow tablecloth laid over the table. So simple yet so meaningful. I pray that I will be able to enjoy many more meals with the family and the yellow tablecloth.

🙂 Rebecca 


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