Merry Christmas…in July!

Reminiscent of a childhood summer at Weese’s (my late Great Aunt) house celebrating Christmas, in July, complete with a Christmas tree and gifts! Weese loved to keep her Christmas tree up year round, so when my sister and I were visiting one July, it only made sense to proclaim an early holiday.

O' Christmas tree

My memories prompted the start of a new family tradition with my bunch; today we celebrated Christmas –  in July! There was a tree, gifts, decorations, and a turkey dinner. We have all had so much fun that we have decided that we will make this an annual tradition, taking place on the third weekend in July every year. I just finished stuffing my face full of carb-filled deliciousness with a side of turkey, and already I am thinking of ways to improve the festivities in July 2018.

In preparation for our event, we first made a menu: fried turkey breast, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, mountain bread and homemade peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream for dessert. One piece of advice, look at the recipes before you make your grocery list and go shopping, or be like me and make 2 additional trips to Publix on Christmas day to pick up forgotten items; at least the store isn’t crowded on our pseudo-Christmas day 🙂

Next it was time to think about presents, because everyone loves presents! We drew names and set a budget of $20 and then we got to go shopping for that perfect gift. The kiddos were pretty creative with their selections, E drew her Daddy’s name and she bought him a small tackle box, hook, bobbers, and candy; N drew my name, he picked out a gorgeous cake stand for me (and then promptly begged me to bake a cake!) I was lucky to shop for N, finding a great book and some candy; the Mister shopped for E, making her day with an awesome skateboard! That was it – one gift each but I’ll tell you it seemed that they were all thoughtful and appreciated, much more than on December 25 when there is wrapping paper everywhere and so many gifts that one can’t even know for sure what ALL they received. This has prompted a new way of gift giving for us in December, but you’ll have to wait until the season to hear about that one 😉

It wouldn’t be a Christmas celebration without a tree, but I’m definitely not ambitious enough to drag the big tree out of the garage and then fluff, light and decorate. So I cheated, I got N’s little pre-lit Christmas tree out of the closet, set it on a side table and plugged it in. I added two nutcrackers and a pine cone tree for a special touch. And we have had the tree lights on all day, just like the real day – Christmas lights really are so pretty. Maybe next year I can convince the Mister to decorate outside the house…in July…with lights and blow-ups…..or maybe that would be a bit too much.

We opened our gifts, we fried a turkey breast, we cooked, we ate way too much, we cleaned, and most importantly we enjoyed being TOGETHER. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with my handsome and 2 snuggle bugs…it’s time for a Christmas movie, a cup of hot chocolate, and a bowl of peach cobbler a-la-mode.


Merry Christmas!




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