noun, plural blackberries.
1.the fruit, black or very dark purple when ripe

A blackberry is sweet, but it also has a dark side – hidden secrets that are only shared with the best of friends. That makes a blackberry, and in this journey called life I have been blessed with the very best of friends, the blackberries – an amazing trio that share happiness, tears, joys and fears together. And that is Blackberry Jam, a place to share life 🙂 Welcome!

The Original Blackberries!

My name is Rebecca – I am: A blackberry. A mother. A Coast Guard wife. A teacher. A friend. And exhausted. Some days I feel like Super Woman, like I am capable of conquering the world and cooking, cleaning, working, mom-ing, and wife-ing. Other days  it is nearly impossible to out real clothes on and cook a real meal. During summer (a teachers favorite season!) I seem to have more lazy days than productive ones. This week I find myself with plenty of time on my hands and hours to spend snuggled in my favorite cuddle chair; so with encouragement from my Mom, I finally decided to start Blackberry Jam.

I plan to share stories, recipes, real life, frustration, challenges, and celebrations here! Please come back and visit again!

🙂 Rebecca

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